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What Happens If an Acer Motherboard Fails?

 Posted by Kevin on March 12, 2016

Also known as the logic board, the motherboard of Acer computer is the main circuit hardware that allocates communication and resources to CPU, RAM and all other components of a system. It is one of the most crucial parts of a PC. In fact, it is the foundation that is generally located at the bottom or back side of the PC chassis.

What Happens If an Acer Motherboard Fails?

Acer Support Presents the Repairing Procedure

Short Beep Sounds

If it does not power on or you hear a beep, these signs suggest failure. The beep validates the connection between hardware components which is configured properly. Besides, it also indicates that a piece of hardware is numbed or dead. To find out that fault equipment, follow the given steps:

  •  In most cases, that piece of hardware is RAM. To confirm, open the PC cabinet.
  •  Now, pull it out and put back into a different slot.
  •  Thereafter, turn on the system, see if anything happens.
  •  Try another functional RAM if possible.

 Power Supply

Sometimes, the power supply of a PC does not produce enough amount of charge and fails to deliver the necessary voltage. Of course, the LED and fan will work normally, but it does not necessarily mean that it is functional. So, in that case, try to use a spare supply if you have or get in touch with Acer Customer Support team.


CMOS stands for complementary metal oxide semiconductor; it is a common part of the logic board in the shape of a round battery which houses the BIOS settings. And it could be a reason. To confirm, follow the given steps:

  •  Locate the battery and isolate it.
  •  Wait 5 minutes and reattach it to the board.
  •  At last, switch on the computer.

Your Acer device should be functional now. However, if it is not, contact us by placing a call at toll-free Acer Support Number +1-888-404-0505 and converse with our experts. For a free chat, visit our website. Technically, all components are attached to the motherboard. Besides, any major or minor changes occurring with a PC, it does impact the board as well. Therefore, it is vital to fix.

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