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How to Install Windows on Acer Computers?

 Posted by Kevin on March 12, 2016

Installed window operating system allows other applications to run on your computer. It acts as an interface between the software and hardware; it must have to be installed in every general purpose of the computer before using. Likewise other computers, Acer does have window operating system, formatting the previous operating system and installing the new one can be beneficial in many aspects such as slow and infected PCs, the number of undesired and fragmented files, hidden program and suspicious files, etc. this process deletes everything on your computer and allows you to start over the fresh.

However, you will have the option to choose the separate drive to format and load the operating system, just take a look at these procedure described by Acer Support.

How to Install Windows on Acer Computers?

Make a preparation before installing the window

  • You must have the window CD/DVD; otherwise, download the complete window operating system pro version from the Microsoft website, it will let you download the downloading tools and afterward the complete files.
  • Burn the window files into the USB Flash drive, many Acer computer provides this option, but if it hasn’t, then download some of the applications like image burn and Rufus. Burn the files to the USB flash drive or CD using Burn options of this application.
  • Make sure, you have the proper backup files or try to copy the files from C drive and paste it into another drive. Along with this, get the activation key, if you have the CD, then it is given in the separate files.

Start the installation process

  • Put the USB flash drive into the computer USB port and restart the computer, press F12 as soon as the Acer logo appears on the computer screen, it will take you to the BIOS input. You will have around four options there and you have to choose the name of your external disk.
  • Use the arrow button to select, then enter, you can choose the recommended settings for automatic updates and other features. Select only “C” drive for formatting and click “Next” to start loading the window.
  • Your computer will restart many times, it may take about 30-40 minutes, just finish that and make a password along with some changes, your operating system will be installed then. Install the necessary software and try using your computer with robust antivirus to avoid further hassle.

Get the complete assistance from the experts at Acer Tech Support

There are many things you should take care of while installing the window, a single mistake can come up with the complex issues. Therefore, it is quite better if you get this task done under the observance of the professionals. Just make a contact with our experts by dialing our toll-free Acer Support Number Canada +1-888-404-0505 to get a quick assistance. They are the Microsoft certified technicians that assist you with the comprehensive solution without any hassle.

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