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How to Fix the keyboard Error in Acer?

 Posted by Kevin on March 12, 2016

Following the reviews of many users, Acer Keyboard creates nuisance at times. Some keys are unresponsive and are unable to give input especially in need. What can be the cause? There is no hard and fast rule as it may be due to any hardware or software problem. From the below-laid instructions, find out the estimated answers which might help you in affixing the wound. Acer Tech Support is there if you want to ask any other relevant question in this matter. Our support panel works in a haste to provide you the best possible conclusion for the suspicion.

Restart and load it

  • i. Press the switch button to turn it off.
  • ii. Detach the Adapter from the switch and the battery as well keeping the PC aside for some time.
  • iii. Then, gently switch it on by plugging in the wires into the socket.
  • iv. Check if the keyboard is affixed if it’s not, continue following the steps.

Disabling the filtered key

  • i. Got to the control panel from the beginning.
  • ii. Hit the link for ease of access.
  • iii. From the drop-down menu, select the keyboard link to bring in the keyboard options.
  • iv. Move to the function of disabling the filter key.
  • v. Now, you can check the operation and its functioning.

Updating the key-driver

Using an obsolete board for a quite long time can be the symptom of malfunctioning. Update the key-driver easily through these steps:-

  • i. Try downloading and installing the driver easy at first place.
  • ii. Begin with the software scanning to ascertain any virus.
  • iii. Move for updating the software and then clicking all option for entire updating.

There may also be any other technical problem like troubleshooting the problematic hardware which can be resolved by reaching the knowledgeable and talented technicians, who practice in dealing the problems of Acer. You can get a detailed fixation of a mere brightness issue by dialing our toll-free Acer Support Number canada +1-888-404-0505 where professionals take a promise to fix the problem instantly.

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